When you begin to see the
possibilities of music, you desire to
do something really good for

John Coltrane

Perfection through freedom.

Music helps us communicate with each other at a much more intense and emotional level. At a level that language or images never reach.

That's why the saxophone resembles the human voice more than any other instrument. The SAX is meant to serve as a musical communication tool between musicians and musicians and musicians and audience. That was the brilliant vision of Adolphe Sax.

Adolphe Sax wanted to connect musicians and audiences even more deeply through the saxophone. Playing the saxophone should create a kind of communication, an exchange. The experience of music should be more intense for musicians and audience. There should be no more boundaries between music, musicians and audiences. Sax wanted musicians to break down all musical boundaries in order to achieve musical perfection.

We at GRADIVARI believe that the perfection of art can only be achieved through free play. Only if you as a musician can play completely freely can you ultimately discover new things. Only then can you develop musically. And create music that has the power and intensity to overcome musical boundaries.


We at GRADIVARI would like to continue to foster the courageous and visionary spirit of Adolphe Sax. Sax never gave up on getting the best out of music. He believed in himself and his vision to overcome musical boundaries, to exceed expectations and to break with traditions.

We know how musicians think and feel. We know what they want, what they dream of, and we understand their problems. Why? Because we have also been through this. Because we are musicians too. We have learned from this and now we want to help them. We want to change something for them, for the music world. We want to take them on a journey where there are no creative boundaries — and no limits. We want to create a culture together with them — a community. We want to empower musicians to overcome musical boundaries. We want to inspire musicians to believe in their vision, we want to motivate them to have the courage to try new things through music to create something extraordinary.

We want to encourage more people to make music, just as we humans have always made music, to communicate without words, across borders. We want to encourage, inspire and enable young musicians to express themselves musically.

Whether music discoverer, music student, hobby musician, music teacher or professional musician — we want to give musicians the inspiration and the tools to overcome their musical limits.

Music has no boundaries.Never.Nowhere.


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Music shapes us even before we are born.
Music touches us in our deepest inner being.
Music turns a bad day into a good day.
Music turns a tiresome car ride into a road trip.
Music provides us with energy and the joy of  life.
Music floods our brain with dopamine.
Music pushes us to top achievements.
Music makes us overcome psychological boundaries.
Music awakens memories.
Music relieves pain.
Music connects.

Hardly any other art has as much power as music. There are few things in life that can make us happy in such a simple way and have as great an influence on our lives as music.

Woman listening music

Music gives both musicians and listeners a thrill - whether it's a live concert or a recording. Music speaks to all parts of our brain. When musicians free their minds, they reach a musical level in which they can rise above themselves and overcome their musical limits. Music has direct access to our emotions. This is how music is created, which touches us as human being deep inside of our soul. Music - that which we cannot describe.

Only feel.

Anyone who has ever experienced special musical moment knows what we are talking about. Music that touches us, that grips us and drives us, and which plays no the entire keyboard of human motivation. This is what makes music the soundtrack of our lives.

Let's imagine for a moment a life without music - no, let's better not. As Nietzsche once said: "Without music, life would be a mistake."


GRADIVARI will carry on the legacy of Adolphe Sax and combine it with innovative products. We always strive to find better ways to help musicians realize their full potential.

Our vision is to bring value to the world of music, to inspire it and to foster a creative community in which musicians around the world can evolve, inspire and express themselves.

GRADIVARI is here to play a symphony – not a note.

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Rise above

We make creative tools that make creative musicians.

When musicians play with a flow and freedom,
they take their talent to the next level. We want to empower musicians all over the world to unleash
their full potential and give them the tools that helps them become creative and free-spirited artists.

® Gradivari 2021