How to play the unplayable?

It is so frustrating. As a musician, you want to make progress, you want to develop further, you want to refine your playing technique to become the musician you could be. As a music student, you want to finally learn and master your favorite songs. You want to be able to play like your role model. "Coltrane cool" — relaxed and easy. Fluent — as if your saxophone and your body were ONE.

You spend hours in your room, rehearsal space, basement or wherever and practice until your hands are numb and your lips are sore — or vice versa.

After hours, you have the feeling that you are finally making progress. Small steps, small successes. You get through the song with a lot of noise, you stumble in some places, your fingers stagger over the flaps, your body cramps, you are highly concentrated, you could tell yourself that now...but in reality, you are only tense: — the opposite of relaxed.

Flowing feels different. And at which point exactly, did the fun actually stop? Shouldn't playing be fun instead of frustrating? That's why it's called playing, right?


Am I not good enough musician?

You think to yourself: Okay, tomorrow is another day and tomorrow it will be a bit smoother and in a few weeks...

But the next day something strange happens.

You take your sax into your hand, loosen your lips and fingers and plan to commence, but you can't — everything is gone. Everything you fought for yesterday is gone. Your brain and your fingers have forgotten everything. As if you hadn't practiced at all.


Your fingers stumble over your sax in confusion. It drives you crazy. So, you get angry and when you get angry, you play even more strained and when you play even more strained, nothing works anymore.

You would love to grab your sax with both hands and smash it — Kurt Cobain Style. Of course you don't do that. The sax was expensive and you only have one.
There you stand in your room, in the rehearsal room and see your dream of a great career as a musician burst like a balloon. BANG!

You ask yourself: what's wrong with me? Do I not have enough talent? Am I not a good enough musician? Am I just imagining all this? Is this struggle normal and do other musicians go through this?

No sax player could play completely
unrestricted - until now.

Good news! You are not alone in this. Your struggle with your instrument and your doubts are real. Coltrane has experienced it. Charlie Parker, Lisa Simpson, Jimi Hendrix and even Beethoven. Every musician at some point reached the moment where he could not express his full talent. They all faced this challenge. They all failed to make progress. They all wanted to break through this impenetrable musical wall in order to be completely free.

The problem is not you or your lack of talent. So, what is the problem? Your instrument.

The sax is not ergonomic. That limits the way you can play this wonderful instrument. No musician can play his/her sax completely unrestricted — nobody. Musicians who play freely on their sax wear a strap that carries the weight of the saxophone and takes some of the strain off their hands while playing.

When playing with a strap, you press your sax away from your body with your right thumb “Thumb Hook”. This should not affect the resonance of your sax and at the same time improve your finger movement and intonation. There is only a small problem with a big impact on your freedom of movement: the force you have to apply to the Thumb Hook puts a strain on your arm muscles and finger joints, which in turn limits your dexterity.


The easy way to learn sax. And to play.

This is a well-known and widespread problem. Unfortunately, no one has been able or willing to solve it until now.

There is always a solution for every problem. This is the solution for your problem and it is not even difficult to implement.

With the SaxMax™, you can not only play completely unrestrained, you can also play pieces on the saxophone that are considered unplayable. And this is how it works:

The new SaxMax™ is an innovative support device that takes the strain off your thumb when practicing and playing. Your right hand is completely free, so you can now use your thumb while playing. Not only does this allow you to develop completely new playing techniques, but you can now also play scores that were previously considered technically unplayable on the saxophone.

Yes, you heard right: With the SaxMax™, you can now play the unplayable on your sax.

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you don’t have to be a genius to play like a genius.


Now it’s your turn to play
the unplayable.
Yeah, you heard me.

Maximize your sax performance with the SaxMax and play more freely, better, faster - more creatively. Max your Sax. With SaxMax.


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